Dental LabThere are many unique advantages at Desert Dental Specialty Group. Not the least of these is the working relationship between the dental facility and the fully staffed dental laboratory located just a few feet away. From dental treatment in our modern, well-equipped treatment rooms, access to responsive, highly trained dental technicians is just a short walk through a doorway that links your treatment with modern technology. The relationship with the dental technicians allows our doctors to provide service not possible in other offices.

A broken denture, a cracked tooth, or an unforeseen dental emergency can be solved literally while you wait. When aesthetic demands for a new smile or a single front crown are high, the technician is just a short walk away, allowing direct access to your smile for a perfect result every time. Additional information about the technicians at lmplantech Dental Laboratory can be viewed at

All of the testimonials on our site and any laboratory work shown here resulted from the talent of these technicians.